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Property Claims

Blade Adjustment Company handles Homeowners & Commercial Property claims for a variety of carriers based both in and out of the state. Our service territory consists of 25 Florida Counties. We often travel outside of our territory at a client’s request. Blade Adjustment assisted in catastrophe services for six different carriers after Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Jeanne, and Wilma and handled over 4000 hurricane claims. We specialize in complex re-inspections that often include overlapping damages from several occurrences. Our adjustments always address coverage issues. You can be certain that if any coverage issue exists, the issue(s) will be specifically outlined and addressed. We often recommend issuing a Reservation of Rights letter or proceeding under a Non-Waiver Agreement while our investigation continues. Blade Adjustment has wonderful working relationships with a variety of Emergency Service Contractors, General Contractors, Engineers, and other experts that may be necessary as part of the adjustment or investigation. Our attention to coverage detail accompanied by precise estimating and prompt reporting make Blade Adjustment the perfect company to adjust your property claims.


Liability Claims

We are often called upon to complete both limited and full liability investigations for Homeowners Liability and Commercial General Liability claims. All of our adjusters handling Liability claims have extensive experience in statement taking and conducting scene investigations. They also have the exposure of dealing with Plaintiff’s attorneys on a regular basis. You can guarantee that the right questions will be asked and the appropriate facts surrounding any claim will be gathered so that accurate decisions in regard to liability can be made. Our adjusters are very knowledgeable of liability coverage issues as well and you can always count on these issues being addressed. We handle Property Damage Liability claims on a regular basis and demonstrate the same expertise in regard to these claims as we do our First Party property claims.

Appraisal/Umpire Services

With increasing Public Adjuster and Attorney representation on property claims, the Appraisal process has become more prevalent throughout the industry. Joe handles the majority of all Appraisals we handle on behalf of insurers although all our adjusters are more than capable of acting as Appraiser on nearly any claim. Having 10 years claims experiences throughout Florida, Joe is well known throughout the industry by Public Adjusters, Attorney’s, Umpires and the various experts whose reports often are part of claim file that proceeds to Appraisal. Joe routinely handles Appraisals outside our day to day coverage territory and generally a favorable Award is the end result. Joe is also agreed to as Umpire by many Appraisers.

Inland Marine/Physical Damage Claims

Blade Adjustment is well qualified to handle any type of Motor Truck Cargo or other Inland Marine claims. We have the knowledge to gather the appropriate claim documentation including Bills of Lading, invoices, and the wide variety of other shipping documentation commonly seen in these types of claims. Whether the claim is a Reefer Breakdown claim involving spoiled food or theft of a shipment of electronics, we have handled them. We have also handled a wide variety of Physical Damages claims, generally involving heavy equipment such as dump trucks, tractor/trailers, or specialized equipment.

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Blade Adjustment Company
110 Timberlachen Circle, Suite 1008
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